Lampwork Glass Necklaces, Czech Glass Necklaces, Bookmarks & Eye Glass Leashes

Lampwork Glass refers to the technique by which these handcrafted glass art beads are created - Italian Glass Rods melted with a torch and then kiln fired for strength and durability. I feature Handcrafted Lampwork Glass from Premier Designers in the USA, Some Chinese Lampwork Glass, Vintage Venetian Lampwork Glass, German Lampwork Glass as well as some lampwork glass beads which are handcrafted in India. Handcrafted Lampwork Glass Necklaces make wonderful gifts...

Lampwork Glass Necklace - "Blue Springtime"Lampwork Glass Necklace featuring beads with a base of white, mingled with blue, red and green, titled "Blue Springtime". These are accented with Vintage White Czech Glass beads and coordinating blue fire polished beads. Closure is an S-Style Hook Clasp of Sterling Silver. Necklace adjusts from 16 1/2" - 18 1/2" Length. Earrings and Bracelet are availalbe! ~View Earrings Gallery~ or ~View Bracelet Gallery~ $149.50 $119.60

Swirl Lampwork Necklace, Red Aventurine & Czech Glass AccentsLampwork Glass Necklace featuring a designer Lampwork Focal Bead by Allison Turner. The Focal Bead is 1" or 2.5 CM in Diameter, and it has colors of yellow, tan, gold and a hint of amethyst. It is featured with Red Aventurine Gemstones, Amethyst Czech Glass Spacers, and has a total length of 20" Long. Closure is a beautiful designer Hook and Eye Clasp. For more detailed image, Click Product Title. $249.50 $174.65

Lampwork Glass Necklace, Greenish Floral with Coral AccentsLampwork Glass Necklace! Beautiful Lampwork Glass Beads, approximately 10 MM in Diameter, Ever so light greenish color, accented with Light Yellow Czech Glass, and beautiful Red Coral Gems. Necklace is available with a Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. Made to Order, lengths are 16", 18" or 20", choose when ordering! For Larger View, Click Product Title, also Matching Earrings are Available, ~Click Here for Earrings Gallery~ $64.50

Lampwork Glass Necklace - Blue Florals, Coral, Tulip AccentsLampwork Glass Necklace, a casual design for ladies of all ages and what a great look with Jeans. Beautiful Blue Lampwork glass with flower blossoms of white and a coral center. I am featuring these beads with light subdued yellow Tulip Czech Glass, Red Coral Beads, light blue beads and it is finished with a Hook & Eye Clasp of Sterling Silver - Several Lengths Available from 15" to 18". For OVERALL VIEW of Necklace, Click Product Title. or [Click Here for Matching Earrings] $74.50

Blue Dream Floral Lampwork Glass Necklace - 18 1/2" with EarringsLampwork Glass Necklace A Beauty in the form of a Handcrafted Lampwork Glass Bead Focal "Blue Dream"! I complemented this beautiful bead with Clear Quartz Gemstones, Blue Sapphire Czech Glass and then a little Sparkling Crystal Czech Glass. Necklace is 18 1/2" length and comes with matching earrings. Earring drop about 1 1/4" from bottom of French Wires. All metal components are Sterling Silver. These is only one of these 1/1! $196.50

Vintage Alabaster/Milkglass Beads with Black Crystal Accents - 18.5" Length and EarringsBeautiful Vintage Alabaster/Milkglass Beads from Japan, spaced with beautiful faceted black crystals and completed with a Toggle Clasp of Sterling Silver. Necklace measures 18 1/2" in Length. The alabaster beads are 6 MM in diameter. For overall image, click product title! NOTE: Earrings are Included but not shown at present. $249.50

Vintage Alabaster/MilkGlass Beaded Necklace and Earrings & CrystalsVintage Glass from Japan, Alabaster/Milkglass soft white, beautifully spaced with Faceted Sparkling Crystals. Necklace is 17 1/2" inch and comes with Earrings, drop from bottom of French Wires is about 1". All metal components are Sterling Silver. $249.50

Pale Yellow, Blue Topaz, Peridot Pastel Czech Glass NecklacePastel Czech Glass Necklace, featuring Pale Yellow, Light Amethyst Crystals, Peridot Green, and BLue Topaz Czech Glass. This is a wonderful Petite Design, featuring a Hook & Eye Clasp of Sterling Silver(NOTE: Clasp Shown is Not Available). Comes in lengths of 16" or 18"! For larger Image Click Product TITLE HINT: Beautiful Matching Earrings are Available ~CLICK HERE FOR EARRINGS GALLERY~ $47.50

Casual Necklace of Denim Blue Fire Polished Czech GlassFire Polished Czech Glass Rondels in a Denim Blue Colour, spaced with smaller Czech Glass Beads. This necklace sparkles, and would look equally good dressed up or with jeans and tanks. Larger Czech Beads are 8MM(or about 5/8" in diameter). Closure is a Sturdy Hook and Eye Clasp of Sterling Silver. Available in lengths of 16" and 18". Choose when ordering! $46.50

Crystal Necklace "Aurora Borealis" Czech Glass and Crystal NecklaceA Beautiful Crystal Necklace featuring Clear Czech Glass with an "Aurora Borealis" Finish which translates into a "Rainbow of Sparkling Colors" beautifully separated with Aurora Borealis Czech Glass Crystals. This Crystal Necklace features "Czech Glass" 8 MM in diameter and closure on this crystal necklace is a Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. Lengths of 15", 16 1/2", 17 1/2", or 20" - Choose when ordering. For Close-up, Click Product Title $89.50

"Siam" Crystals and Sparkling Clear Fire Polished Czech Glass NecklaceBeautiful "Siam" Red Crystals about 8MM and these are paired with Sparkling Clear Faceted Fire Polished Czech Glass Beads. What a great way to dress up your jeans or your formal wear - totally acceptable either way. Closure is a Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. Available Lengths are 16". 18" or 20" - You decide. Bracelet is available, ~Click Here for Bracelet Gallery~, Earrings available ~Click Here for Earrings Gallery~ $71.50

The Ultimate Must Have Black Crystal NecklaceBlack Crystal Necklace Featuring Sparkling Black Crystals with exquisite facets are the enduring components of this must have black crystal necklace. Must have, because you will choose it over and over to wear to dances, balls, weddings and just because. The largest crystals are 8 MM(a little over 1/4" in diameter) and this necklace is available in 2 adjustable lengths - 15-17" and 18-20" - and is completed with a Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. Click Product Title for Overall View of Necklace. Would you like some Matching Earrings, [Featured in My Crystal and Pearl Gallery] $119.50 $78.43

Black Crystal Necklace "Tin Cup" Style with EarringsClassic Black Crystal Necklace with Black Czech Glass Accents in a "Tin Cup" Design(from the MOVIE "TIN CUP")with Kevin Costner. The Largest Crystals are 8MM (about 3/8") in Diameter and are shown with Hematat(Dark Grey Accents). It is available in 15"-17" Adjustable and all metal components are Sterling Silver. For Larger View, Click Product Title! or ~Click Here for Matching Earrings~ $119.50

Black Crystal & Czech Glass Necklace - Hook & Eye Clasp - Sterling SilverBlack Crystal Necklace, Crystal Necklace. Faceted Black Crystals and Sparkling Fire Polished Czech Glass Beads are combined to create this beautiful necklace. Necklace can be dressed up or down. Also A great design for the opera, orchestra, Bride and Bridesmaids. Completed with Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp-(NOT AS PICTURED). For picture of overall design, click picture. or You may like Black Earrings ~Click Here for Earrings~ $64.50

Black Blown Glass Pendant Necklace with Black Czech Glass - 20"A beautiful Blown Glass Pendant Black with Silverish Hues inside! I featured Black Fire Polished Czech Glass and Hematat Vintage Crystals for the Necklace. Closure is a beautiful Bali Hook and Eye Clasp of Sterling Silver, with total length of 20". Earrings are available, ~Click Here for Earrings Gallery~! For Overall view of Necklace, Click Product Title! $74.50

Eye Glass Leash of Black Czech & Venetian Glass-Sterling SilverEyeGlass Leash! Destined to become your Eyeglasses Best Friend and also great in helping you to keep them around your neck, especially if you only use your glasses for reading. This Eyeglass Leash is handcrafted of Faceted Black Czech Glass and Venetian Glass(The smallest Beads). The ends are Silver Plated Corrugated Metal and All other Metals Sterling Silver!. Eye Glass Leash is 25" in length, but if you need longer or shorter, place on comments section of order form. For Larger View of Eye Glass Leash Click Product Title $39.50

Eye Glass Leash - Czech Glass Sunglass Leash-Sterling SilverEyeglass Leash, Sunglass Leash, Eye Glass Leash. Small Italian Glass Beads(Called African Christmas Beads - Made in Venice, Italy and Northern Spain) paired with black diamond shaped czech glass and sterling silver Beads - Silver Ends are Plated! Designed to help you keep up with your Sunglasses. A full 25" in length and a MUST HAVE for those days at the Coast. Click Product Title for Overall View $42.50

Sparkling Clear Faceted Czech Glass NecklaceCzech Glass Necklace! Beautiful 8MM Sparkling Clear Fire Polished Czech Glass Beads are the focal elements in this beautiful necklace with coordinating smaller spacer glass beads. Closure is a Heavy Gauge Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. Necklace Lengths are 16", 18" and 20". Choose when ordering! Great thing is this necklace goes with Jeans, Formals, You NAME IT! $79.50

Rosaline Czech Glass & Chyrosolite Crystal Necklace - 16 1/2"FIRE POLISHED Rosaline Czech Glass that sparkles, then combined with Vintage Chyrosolite Leaded Crystals are the components in this classic Necklace. The beads are 8 MM in size, Perfect for anyone, closure is a beautiful Handcrafted Designer Sterling Silver Hook & Eye Clasp. Length available 16 1/2" Necklace! $54.50

Montanta Blue Fired Polished Czech Glass Necklace/Crystal AccentsMontana Blue Fire Polished Czech Glass Beads with a Dark Blue Look - Great for Grays, Blacks, Dark Blues, Denims, White, Ivory, Almost any color. The beads are 8MM(about 1/4") in diameter and are accented with Sterling Silver and Sparkling Clear Crystals. This design can be had in several lengths: 16", 18" and 20" and comes complete with a Hook and Eye Clasp of Sterling Silver. For Larger View, Click Product Title, Also use this link to visit Gallery with Matching Earrings $96.50

Czech Glass Necklace - "Sparkling Blue and Black Accents"Czech Glass Necklace - "Sparkling of Blue" in color, which exhibits many shades of Blue with a Background of Black. This paired with larger Faceted Black Crystals. A very dainty design as beads are only about 1/8" in diameter - Black Crystals are 1/4" Diameter. What a great look on Ladies of all ages. Completed with Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Hook and Eye Clasp, or Floral Toggle. Available in lengths of 15", 16", 17" or 18" (Choose when ordering). [Click to view more designs similiar to this] or you may wish to ~View Bridal Choices~Click HERE~ For More Detailed View, Click Product Title..... ~CLICK HERE FOR EARRINGS GALLERY~ $42.50

Blue Topaz and Sparkling AB Czech Glass NecklaceCzech Glass Necklace - Beautiful Fire Polished Czech Glass Blue Topaz in Color, and Aurorea Bourealis Clear Czech Glass were selected for this Petite Design. The largest beads are about 1/4" in diameter, but don't let the size fool you - This neckace shows up beautifully!!! Available with a beautiful Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp(May not be exact one shown). Lengths 15", 17", 18" and 20" - You decide... For larger image - click TITLE Need Matching Earrings, ~CLICK HERE FOR EARRINGS GALLERY~ $45.50

Flash of Copper Art Glass Pendant Necklace - 17" Art Glass Pendant, featuring a Splash of Copper Orange Color, and set with Red Aventurine and Iris Purple Fire Polished Czech Glass(from the Czech Republic). Pendant was handcrafted by Jim Goldstein of Virginia and Necklace designed by Marion Berry - Artist at MB Designs Jewelry Etc. Closure is a Floral Toggle Clasp of Sterling Silver and length is 17". For larger view Click Product Title. $169.50 $126.12

Springtime Lampwork Glass Necklace - Sterling Silver - 17"Lampwork Glass Necklace featuring beads titled "Springtime" Floral and colors. A base of white, a little green, pink, and yellow. Design is a one of a kind from the studio of Marion Berry - Artist at MB Designs Jewelry Etc, South Carolina. Accent elements are Czech glass Floral Beads, Crystals and Petite Seed Beads. Closure is a Hammered Sterling Silver Hook Clasp, length of necklace is 17". For Close up of necklace, click product title. Earrings are available, ~Click Here for Earrings Gallery~ $138.50 $109.80

Lampwork Glass Focal Clear, Blue Gold Necklace and Copper SetHandcrafted American Lampwork Glass exhibiting a clear base with accents of soft blue, dark blue and Gold shimmer. Pendant measures about 1 3/4" in length and is set with coordinating Czech Glass colors on a Copper Chain with a length of 19"! Earrings are included in this set unless not desired at a reduced price. You can make that choice when ordering. For Larger Image, Click Product Title. $124.50

Lampwork Glass Necklace Floral Blue & Red Aventurine - 16-19" SetLampwork Glass Focal Beads of Blue, Light Blue, a touch of white and then I choose to add Red Aventurine to complete the design. The Necklace is a One of A Kind and comes complete with a Lobster Clasp of Sterling Silver and Earrings to Match. If you don't want the earrings, make that choice when ordering. $204.50